Stylish and Informative Footer Designs

Why would there be an article about footers? They are at the bottom of the webpage, below the fold, and hold boring information such as copyright and disclaimers. Well, in the last few years designers have been creating some impressive and inspiring footers. Not only are they attractive, it adds extra room to promote blog articles, newsletter signup, and social sites such as your Facebook Fan Page. Plus, it’s consistent and appears on every page of the site. Let’s take a look at some footer designs to see what is possible.

Blast off with a great footer…
At the bottom of a simple footer was crafted to go along with the theme of the site. Since the site is fairly small in size all the main navigational pages were added. Then when visitors scroll to the bottom of the page they don’t have to scroll back to the top to get back to the navigation. In the middle is a paragraph of information about It is helpful for those unfamiliar with while adding extra copy for search engines. On the right size is a large call-to-action button to get visitors to sign up. Visit to view the footer. has the main navigation, further information about them, and a call-to-action has the main navigation, further information about them, and a call-to-action button in the footer.

A before and after take on footers…
In the example below is the footer that has rested at the bottom of for many years. It includes copyright, a few words and then a link to a privacy policy and site map.

Loyalty Leaders’s original footer design included a small amount of helpful information.

When redesigning the footer new additions were added. These include contact information along with links to Facebook, Twitter, Linked and YouTube. Having contact information on every page gives visitors quick access to your phone number, physical address, email address, and more. One reason your Facebook Fan Page might not have many fans is because your not promoting it. Adding it to the footer, which is found on every page of your site, should boost your fan base. See the footer in action by visiting

Blogs, Twitter and feeds… includes a library of timely articles and much more covering the latest tax law changes. In their footer they include the latest entries from the blog. It’s handy because not all visitors will enter the site through the homepage. On the right-hand side take notice of the alluring Twitter icon. It’s recognizable and the items below it come directly from the feed found on their Twitter profile. When tweeting on Twitter they will appear on this site. Now that’s twitterific! Take tour of

Email subscription forms…
Everyone knows email marketing is a powerful tool and should be a part every company’s marketing plan. It’s a quick way to notify many people of a sale, event or promotion. At times it can be frustrating when building your subscriber base. Just like Facebook and Twitter you have to promote it. Having an email subscription form on every page is one way to do just that.

Big footers…
When visiting you might notice how large the footer is. It includes a mini paragraph about each section of the site. Before clicking a link visitors can read a little about it to make sure they want to go to that section. In addition, links and logos from their sister sites were included. Check it out by visiting

Have fun with your footer…
Besides the regular features that can be included in a footer making it fun has it’s appeal. Many footers have fun characters, interesting quotes, photographs from their Flickr photogallery and more. The possibilities are endless. In the footer of a rocket ship was added for the email subscription form. Check it out by scrolling to the bottom of this page.

This concludes the article about stinky feet…um, attractive, inspiring and informative footers. Take advantage of your websites footer by adding contact information, an email subscription form, links to your Facebook Fan Page, live Twitter feed and much more. The sky is the limit.