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Rachel Lederer


Rachel is a senior at Marian University pursuing a Bachelor’s Degree in Organizational Communication with a double minor in Leadership & Public Relations. When she is not in her room working on projects for school, she enjoys hiking and mountain biking (both year round, though not in below 0° weather). She also finds time to read, watch the occasional movie and spend time with her family and friends. Rachel originally chose wisnet as her summer internship because web design is not her forte, and she wanted to challenge herself in the field of communication. She hopes that upon graduation in May 2019, she will have more than enough experience to find a career that she is qualified for.

Random fact about me: My last name is Lederer and many people growing up (and now) mispronounce it as ‘leader’ and that is kind of why I chose a Leadership minor; ‘Cause I’m Rachel ‘leader’

Guilty pleasure: Eating ice cream (or any sugary food), being a couch potato and regretting it the next day

Pet peeve: Rudeness/people having a lack of respect for others’ opinions

First job or most unusual job: I was a busboy at a fish fry

Leisure activities: Reading, biking, organizing anything (it’s therapeutic really), playing Solitaire and watching The Office.

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