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Ben Knier

Developer Intern

Ben is a born and raised Wisconsin kid who hails from the thriving metropolis that is Kiel. The descendant of a couple of German dairy farmers, Ben has developed (likely a product of his grandfather’s legendary stubbornness) a persistence and grit to go along with a strong work ethic that helps him overcome life’s obstacles.

Ben thrives on making things challenging, and to that end he is working on completing his dual degree in Website and Mobile Applications Development & Design from Moraine Park Technical College. Just to make it interesting, he decided to complete both degrees in a jam-packed four semester stretch.

Outside of wisnet, Ben enjoys the quiet life at his home in the boonies outside of Chilton. He spends his time enjoying the company of his beautiful and supportive wife Sarah, his energetic two-year-old Xavier, and his a-dork-able boxer Eska.

What you do at wisnet: Ask tons of questions that keep people from being productive (intern)

Random fact about me: I’m left-handed (but in my right mind)

Leisure-time activities: Playing basketball, reading, watching movies, relaxing on the patio

Hobbies: Playing guitar, singing, camping, and a plethora of outdoor activities

Life-long love: Dogs, music, and the Green Bay Packers

Guilty Pleasure: Continually re-reading the Harry Potter series

Pet peeves: Directors who ruin good books with bad movies

Thing that really baffles me: People who mixup Star Wars and Star Trek (they’re totally different) or think they have to be allegiant to either DC or Marvel (can’t we just agree that they both have their merits?)

Favorite food: Pizza

First/Most Unusual Job: Large and small animal veterinary technician (I worked with everything from kittens to cows)

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