So, what “About Us”

Recently we’ve had the pleasure of adding a few new faces around the office. While adding their bios to our team page, it felt like the right time to share with you the importance of this page.

In any industry where people behind a company are as important as the company itself, you’re likely to find a team page. These pages are a great addition to any site where human contact is an important part of the industry. It adds personalization and value to the company.

A bio is often the first impression your personal brand makes on a potential client. (and we all know how lasting first impressions are!) People want to do business with people they know and like. People don’t just want to know what your company does, they also want to know who they will be working with. When someone gets a glimpse into your background, expertise and personal life, you become a real human being to them. This is important because people will trust people they know and respect more than they will a nameless, faceless company.

If your site is lacking personality, or if you’re ready to share the faces behind the company, let wisnet help put together your team page today!