Your website should be as unique as your business

You don’t want a website that blends in with your competition. At wisnet, we tackle that gigantic identity crisis. Through a short 5&5 process we work to narrow down “who you are” to five words or phrases. They will guide your website’s look, feel and tone. Your new site will live on every mobile device and be completely user­-friendly to update. Get ready to pass out cigars! Your newborn site looks and sounds just like you.

Everything we do follows this fundamental process:
Step 1: Meet
Step 2: Discovery
Step 3: Creative
Step 4: Develop
Step 5: Launch

Introductory meeting

Time to talk of many things

You have hopes and dreams for your website. You have questions. We have questions. So, we get together and talk. We talk about what you have, what you need and what you would love to have. In the end, we both will have a great understanding of the vision. Afterwards, we’ll send you a “quote proposal” explaining every step in the process. You sign it and then we hit the ground running.


Five things that make you "you".

It’s easy to describe what you make or do. It is hard to describe who you are as a company. Explaining who you are is tough, but it is why your customers choose you. We will spend the time together to figure out what makes you unique, and then narrow it down to five words or phrases. This selection process is so important because you only have a few seconds to tell your story to your audience. You have to grab them with what makes you unique, so they will dig deeper and connect with you.


Every website has its own look, feel and tone.

We create a bond between your customers and who you are as a company. The chosen five words or phrases will come to life in the headlines, design, and personality of your website. Bland, vanilla and templated is not what you want as your company’s personality. Everything is about what you show and how you show it. Your website should feel like your customer is spending time with a good friend.


We build your site to run like a well-oiled machine.

Your new website will be all about you and we will hand over the keys so you can drive it, too. We implement the content management system (CMS), which will make it easy for you to control everything that goes on your site. It’s like a custom-­made sports car with all the bells and whistles that promote your company’s personality and uniqueness. The whole look and feel are all about you - complete with an engine that purrs.


It's alive! It's alive!

You will want to pat yourself on the back when we get to the launch date. We have worked to create something extraordinary -- not to be like any other site, but to be "your" site. Your company’s individuality is living and breathing online. You know more about your business than ever before. You can communicate who you are to new customers and your employees. Your website will become the focal point to keep growing your company’s message and it's one­-of-­a-­kind personality.


Share it with the universe.

Together we have made your company a living and breathing personality. It’s on the web, but you need to get people to view it. Here is where social media and traditional media become so important to building your website. Even the best site that no one sees is just talking to itself. We can turn your five words, your look, feel and tone into powerful videos, billboards, email campaigns and more. Introduce the real you to your customers and your so­on-to-­be customers.

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