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Logo Design

Logo is an important term in philosophy, psychology, and rhetoric. Some philosophers identified the term with “the divine animating principle pervading the Universe.” Wow, little did we know that the thing in the corner of a website or at the bottom of an ad would be so highfalutin.

But it makes sense on many levels. A logo is a company’s identity, personality, voice and… well, everything. It is holy ground. The best logos are meaningful and memorable. Choosing a thick and bold type style says something different than one that is swirly and airy. Using an image of a flower is very different from an image with a shield. When works on a logo, we take into consideration every aspect of the business. We have to understand the personality the business conveys.

A logo is the voice of the company, speaking up when there is nothing else around, whether it is hanging on a sign outside a building, on the side of a truck, or on a letterhead. We work with you to discover “who you are” and what your logo has to “say.” We bring the company to life… which is “animating.” So, it really is a “divine” project after all.

Logo Design Samples

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