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WordPress Hosting

There was a time (like when was founded back in 1996) when websites had to be built “by hand” using simple HTML editors. Oh, you can still build a website that way, but why would you want to when there are tools available to make the job much easier?

WordPress is one of the platforms that makes it easy to build and maintain a simple-to-moderately-complex website. As an example, is a site that was fully built in WordPress. If we build your site in WordPress, you can go in and update your services, change your office hours, update your team bios, and even add new pages at any time! Call us, and we can get you started.

(And if your website needs are more complicated than what you can do in WordPress, let us know. Our team specializes in complicated!)

See a complete list of our WordPress hosting packages below and Go Fearless into the Net!

WordPress CORE Hosting Package – $29.95 /mo**

A complete hosting solution providing regular backup, SSL security, and phone & email support with our geeks & creatives.

    • Nightly backups of your site to ensure nothing gets lost
    • Free SSL certificate for all WordPress sites built and hosted by
    • Free staging site
    • Google Analytics
    • Shared hosting environment (server, processors and memory)
    • 5 GB SSD storage
    • Content delivery network (CDN)
    • Includes server, WordPress core & plugin updates for known plugin vulnerabilities only*

WordPress TURBO Hosting Package – $49.95 /mo**

Includes our WordPress CORE hosting package features + additional features for support, improved site speed, reliability, and scalability.

    • Fastest load times
    • Isolated / Dedicated resources to your site
    • Your choice of 20 global data centers
    • Up to 12 core processors
    • Up to 8 GB of memory
    • 10 GB SSD storage
    • Auto scaling server
    • High performance server level cache

WordPress MAINTENANCE Program – Additional $20/mo

Combine with the Core or Turbo Package.  Your personalized plan for plugin and hosting updates.

    • Minor WordPress core updates*
    • Status reports e-mailed weekly
    • Monthly plugin updates*

*If during WP core and/or plugin updates, the site runs into compatibility or programming issues, we will work to resolve the issue up to 1 hour.  If time accumulates to over 1 hour per month, a custom quote will be provided and must be approved before we are able to resolve issues and get the site upgraded & running properly.  If a site issue is caused from a core update that was automatically installed by Word Press directly, a custom quote will be provided for approval prior to resolving the issue.

**All WordPress hosting packages include up to 50,000 unique visitors per month (averaged over 3 months).  Additional visitors could be subject to increased fees.

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