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Wait, isn’t it “Internet”? Well, yes, there is that. But there is also something called an intranet. Think of it this way: the Internet is the big “external” network where you’ll find all of the familiar things like Facebook, YouTube, email, and web pages. An intranet is a similar sort of network, but it’s only accessible to people within your company.  Sort of a “private Internet.”

An intranet can be set up so that it’s only accessible from inside your company’s network, but it can also be made accessible right from the Internet (say, in case someone is traveling or needs to access information from home). So, to keep your intranet private, it will have a login page. After logging in, the sky is the limit, really. Typical content includes things like news, company resources, policies and procedures, internal surveys and other data collection forms, and company calendars, all accessed from your web browser!

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