There’s a lot to talk about when it comes to an RSS Feed. Let’s first look at why I use them, which might interest you in subscribing to RSS feeds relating to your own interests. Plus, it might help you understand why it’s important to have an RSS feed on your website.

What am I interested in…

I am interested in anything related to website design and development. This includes many subjects from coding, search engine optimization, branding, Photoshop and more.

RSS Feed Icon

Coffee and new learning material…

In the morning I have a cup of coffee and about ten to fifteen emails in my inbox from the RSS feeds I subscribe too. Most of my emails come in this format; short title, one picture, brief description and then a link to the website where I can read the full article.

I skim through each of them, read the articles I am interested in, and delete the items I am not. In about 20 minutes I have read around 3 to 5 articles. In the process I have learned something new with each article I read.

Let the information come to you…

It would take time to go to each of those 15 websites each day. Plus, some websites might not have anything new. It would get frustrating after a while and most likely I would forget about them. By subscribing to their RSS feed they keep me updated.


RSS feeds are a great tool to help you keep up with the latest and greatest information. In contrast, this tool can be used to market your services to your clients.

Want to start your first RSS subscription with, LLC? Click on the following link Noteworthy RSS Feed and if you don’t have an RSS Reader go ahead and sign up with the email option. When we add an article to our website you will be notified. Enjoy!