Who wouldn’t love to have waterfront property? Of course, it’s often a hassle to move and find the house that’s “just right,” fits your budget and isn’t too far away. What if you could build a pond in your own backyard and enjoy the dream of a lake home made real through modern technology? That’s exactly what our friends at Wisconsin Lake and Pond Resource LLC (WLPR) do on a daily basis.

WLPR approached our team at wisnet about building a new, responsive website that better aligns with just how fun it is to build your own paradise with a new swim pond or wildlife pond.

It was also important to highlight just how accessible building a pond can be. Our developers built out a pond cost calculator to help prospective clients build their dream pond while exploring WLPR’s site. If you’re curious about how to turn your backyard into a paradise, trust WLPR to handle it from start to finish!