The Garten Factory

The Garten Factory in the heart of downtown Fond du Lac is the vision of mixing a German factory with gardening. Now that’s cross-pollination.

Starting from scratch, Garten Factory wanted to bring an urban renewal concept to downtown Fond du Lac. The juxtaposition of old brick and fresh greenery is a sight to behold. And it isn’t just about the plants and aesthetic, either. The team at Garten Factory are experienced and knowledgeable. But the real magic is they’re hand-picked for their personality, willingness to help and the desire to go beyond expectations for their guests and customers.

The Geeks & Creatives of wisnet were up to the challenge of bringing this beautiful combination to life. Our design team put together a dynamic, layered approach that showcases the store as a utopia. Our UI and development team put together a a site that’s easy for the Garten Factory to update and their visitors to intuitively navigate. Bringing to life that it’s not just an old factory. It’s a place of growth and beauty.

Discover Fond du Lac’s secret garden by visiting When you’re ready to have a website that mirrors your approach to business, customers and growth, give us a shout at wisnet. Our team of Geeks & Creatives will help you go fearlessly into the net.

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