Kelley Country Creamery has been named voted the best ice cream shop in Wisconsin by USA Today in 2010 and best ice cream in America by Good Morning America in 2013. So when the geeks & creatives of wisnet had an opportunity to work with them, we were ready to dive head first into their dairy goodness.

One of the only creameries located right on their farmstead, Kelley Country Creamery offers the usual ice cream cones, sundaes, cakes and treats. But where they really shine is when you’re enjoying a delicious heaping of Pear & Bleu Cheese ice cream while watching the cows graze just down the hill. That’s right, we said Pear & Bleu Cheese ICE CREAM! You see, Kelley Country Creamery has 300 flavors ranging from Sweet Corn and Jalapeño to Strawberry Margarita and Mint Chocolate Cheesecake.

Our design team found a look that highlighted the down home, farm feel of being at Kelley Country Creamery. It’s all about the time to gather, unplug and connect with family and friends. Not to mention the excellent family and staff who are just as much a reason to visit as the delicious ice cream. Our UI and development team put together an intuitive sorting and categorization method to find the perfect flavor amidst the 300 possibilities.

To check out this world renown ice cream for yourself, visit and tell ’em wisnet sent you 🙂

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