Date Safe

The completely revamped and expansive website for DATE SAFE Project helps this passionate organization take on the issues of consent/asking first, bystander intervention, sexual assault, supporting survivors and much more in an organized, dynamic and energizing way.

Continuing the conversations initiated by Mike Domitrz – founder of DATE SAFE, speaking professional, expert, and award-winning author & publisher (on healthy relationships, dating and sexual assault) – the website is targeted at a diverse audience of preteens, teens, college students, parents, military professionals, and educators. In addition to creating a framework that was easy to navigate, share resources and provide support, our strategic, design and development work focused heavily on creating interactive experiences with various “pledges to ask” sections, a social aggregator, and real life stories.

The end goal of the website is to help the DATE SAFE Project organization spread word of their how-to approach and extraordinary resources, while also igniting a mutually-amazing relationship movement.

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