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Black Forest Pub & Grille

Since 1934, Black Forest has been serving the Three Lakes, WI, community as a cozy gathering place with great food. In 2014, new owners took over and renovated the building. Black Forest has since reopened, serving traditional German and American fare.

With such a strong history & heritage, a just-as-strong visual identity and website were essential to capture the hearts of minds of locals, as well as the waves of tourists and travelers visiting the area throughout the four beautiful seasons of northern Wisconsin.

The Results:
An award-winning logo composed of a modified, bold blackletter type treatment and shield symbol to capture the essence of a traditional German coat of arms. The team also worked hard to incorporate the location of the restaurant in design details throughout the mark: a wave treatment between the “B” and “F”, a paddle crossing a fork (instead of a spoon), and three trees & three waves represent the Northwoods establishment being found in Three Lakes, Wisconsin.

A simple, yet effective web experience that captures the personality of the establishment while also providing a quick and easy reference for individuals looking for basic information, such as hours and menus.

If you’re visiting the Northwoods and looking for a great place to relax and enjoy a warm meal, stop in. Gemütlichkeit!

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