Bloggers Darren Rowse and Chris Garrett took their knowledge of blogging and created a book called ProBlogger – Secrets for Blogging Your Way to Six-Figure Income. The title seems tailored more towards those who plan a career in blogging and the book seems to reflect it so. Then again, the information they provide is an invaluable resource to any business managing and considering a blog. If your company is looking for visibility online, blogging should be resting on the top of your priority list.

ProBlogger breaks down the basic concepts of what it takes to start and maintain a blog.ProBlogger breaks down the basic concepts of what it takes to start and maintain a blog.

Much has been written on what makes a blog successful, but all experts agree that central to all great blogs is one element: great content. The cry, ‘Content is king,’ has echoed through the blogosphere for years; although I think the term ignores other aspects of what makes a blog successful, content is a key ingredient of a successful blog. – Chapter 4 – Blog Writing

Content is the key ingredient…

Throughout the book Darren and Chris refer back and forth about the value of quality content. Each chapter seems to reflect this belief and fact. Therefore, if you are just starting a blog this book will provide information on what quality means to you and your budding readership. One example is a section about scannable content. In here it has tips and techniques on formatting the article to grab the reader’s attention. In conjunction with scannable content there are a few other sections we found interesting and helpful that you must read to have a successful company blog. These include ‘Using Titles Effectively on Blogs’, ‘Opening Lines Matter, Post Length – How Long Should a Blog Be?’, and ‘Post Frequency – How Often Should a Blogger Post.’

Search Engines Want Content

Actually it goes like this; search engines want content that searchers want to read. This means well-written, interesting, informative and just plain good content is a must. ProBlogger provides exceptional insight into the pros and cons of optimizing content. In addition, the frequency at which you post will have a different bearing on search results.

The Company Blog

ProBlogger is clearly written for those who plan on blogging full-time. While reading the book you might feel overwhelmed by the sheer work of what it takes to have a successful blog. What we recommend is to do what Darren and Chris mention and that is to skim the content. Read the articles that interest you and will help increase your blogging knowledge. Take what you read and apply it to your company blog. It could be as simple as taking one long article and breaking it into four smaller articles. Then your blog can have a new article every week of the month!


Creating a six-figure income blogging may not be in your reach but creating a compelling blog is doable. It is recommended to have blogging become a part of your company’s marketing plan. Develop strategies to fit writing time into your daily, weekly or monthly schedule. As an ongoing process make sure to take a few minutes and research blogging as it is ever-changing. Blogging is over a decade old already. Waiting another decade to start a company blog might not be the best business decision.


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