Our Team’s Predictions for 2013

As 2013 kicks off, our team has comprised what they feel will be the top things to look for in 2013.

Have we mentioned this enough yet? This new approach to web design allows building websites that are optimized for all screen sizes: mobile, tablet, and desktop computers. Unlike the traditional approaches which were to build a separate mobile and desktop version of your website. The benefits of this approach are clear: one version of a website to maintain and build.

This year we will see a rise in the number of large screen TVs being utilized in conference rooms, business doorways, etc.

wisnet prides itself on high performance websites – so responsive is all we do.

Adobe Flash was a common method used for animation and interactivity. This became a dinosaur last year when Apple products made the decision to not support Flash. We predict that new technologies including JavaScript, HTML5, and CSS3 for these unique experiences will replace Flash. Not to mention it will work across platforms and not require a special plug-in or software to run.

Stock photography is available everywhere – therefore it is repeated everywhere. If you want to display a professional and authentic image – including real photos of your staff, products, and experiences can tell a story far beyond the description on the page.

We will also see a rise in what we have coined as Impact design. This means utilizing a large impact photo to showcase your website.

Integration of videos on website will change the way that you are able to communicate with a client base on the go. Videos allow you to tell a story how you want it to be told and captivate the attention of your market.

2013 should prove to be an exciting year in our industry, as the many years in the past. What are your predictions?