“One-to-Many” Platform

One of the more interesting projects that the wisnetLogic team has worked on recently is a one-to-many client management and communication platform. Essentially, the system encompasses both CRM (customer relationship management) and CMS (content management system) functions.

Within this platform, our system administrators control the top-level users, and those top-level users control their own set of end users. The system administrators determine which features of the system the top-level users can access, and the top-level users in turn control the features that their end users can access.

And just what sort of features are we talking about?

The top-level users can send and receive secure messages, securely upload and download documents, send e-newsletters and e-greeting cards, schedule appointments, manage leads, publish blog articles, and build and maintain their own website.

The end users log into a separate, branded interface where they can send and receive messages and documents with their assigned representative.

The system also tracks readership of the newsletters and greetings, sends follow-up emails to leads generated from “contact us” forms, and sends phone, text, and email reminders for scheduled appointments.

If this all sounds kind of complicated, it is. But at the same time, we strive to make it easy and intuitive for people to use. The trick is to make the system both feature-rich and user-friendly. And that’s just the kind of challenge that wisnet’s coders love.