One Page Websites

The growth of the Internet over the past years have greatly reduced businesses use of brochures, and postcards to reach their target audience. Websites are an efficient and reliable source of promotion.

Using those types of advertising to promote your business, one page websites work in the same manner. Single page sites have become immensely popular, and are a great example of modern web advancement.

These types of sites allow you to focus on quality instead of quantity. Because these sites are not very common, the first impression is often a great one. By having a one-page site, it’s easier for those browsing your site to find the material they’re looking for.

  • One huge benefit of having a one page site is your improved ranking on search engines.. This applies to your entire site, not just a single page.
  • Easy to maintain. Changes and maintaining material is much easier and faster.
  • Less clutter. Information can be found quick and easy.
  • Great for musicians, artists, small businesses who want a basic web presence, and online applications with one sole purpose.
  • Since your visitors won’t have multiple pages to visit, they will be able to go through content easier. This makes viewing on tablets easier.