Mashing Flickr, Facebook & Your Blog

December 11, 2009 is an exceptional tool for managing photographs and digital images. If used properly it can assist with marketing by bringing visibility to your products, services and company. But did you know that combining, or mashing, Flickr with your blog, website and even Facebook will save time while marketing?

Why Flickr for your business?

Flickr allows you to upload, tag, organize and share photos and digital images with clients, vendors, associates and whomever you choose. Within Flickr you can promote your brand, products, and services to an online community. Tools are available to crop, fix and edit photographs while visitors can comment on the photos to add more appeal., LLC’s photostream on, LLC’s photostream on Flickr.

Flickr and your Blog…

Imagine how much time it would take to upload, categorize, and tag photographs separately on your blog and Flickr? We would call that double-entry – and that’s no fun! To reduce the time spent administrating a photo gallery Flickr would come in handy for hosting the photographs. Then, with cut-and-paste code from Flickr the photostream can be embedded into your site. Some designs will require custom coding such as the Flickr gallery located on No matter which way is chosen reducing double-entry while receiving twice the exposure is ideal for marketing and branding.

Flickr photostream embedded in Noteworthy.Flickr photostream embedded in Noteworthy.

Flickr and Facebook Fan Page…

The ball starts rolling after photographs are uploaded. Facebook applications are available that will feed the images from Flickr onto your Facebook Fan Page. Once an application is installed it is pretty much set to go. Photographs on your Facebook Fan Page is a great addition when social networking is including in your marketing campaign.

A view of the Facebook Fan Page for view of the Facebook Fan Page for


Utilize Flickr to save time by uploading, categorizing and tagging photographs and images from within one control panel. Then use it to feed photographs to your blog, website, and Facebook. Then on top of that Flickr itself will help promote the photographs. You could say you struck three birds with one stone.