MarkeyDS Voice Command Activation

You’ve been asking for it and we’ve finally delivered! Starting today, all MarkeyDS boxes have been updated to activate its voice recognition capability.

Sometimes having to connect a mouse and/or keyboard to your MarkeyDS can be a little bit of a hassle because you need to dig out the box from behind the TV, plug them in and then find a comfortable way to enter your username and password. Not any more! Now you can get logged in, make changes and create excellent designs all with the soothing sounds of your voice. We figured today was the perfect day to unleash this awesome new capability.

Of course, it wouldn’t be a feature if it wasn’t a little fun, so if you want these sweet features, just say our activation phrase “Dance Markey Dance” in front of your MarkeyDS. Then it will walk you through the rest of the steps. Easy!

We’re so excited about this offering that we’d love to see you and your team activating and utilizing voice commands for the first time. Show us your videos of you and your team turning on voice activation!