Make it quick. And meaningful.

It was a daunting task to memorize your company’s “elevator speech.” The idea was you only have the time between the first floor and the lobby to explain your business to a total stranger. Once you hit the lobby either you exchange business cards and have an interested prospect or the two of you go your separate ways …. opportunity lost. Well, that was back when we had rotary phones and a computers that took up a whole room. Today, messages are sent in emoticons and millions of text, images and messages are coming at us every second. The elevator speech feels like watching all the “Lord of the Rings” movies back to back.

In five words, we can create your company’s brand personality. We can help you separate yourself from any competition. It puts meaning and emotion behind your brand. You will be able to understand who you are and begin the process of marketing your unique business. It will give you an opportunity to build your brand internally, so everyone from the corner office to the reception desk knows your brand character.

It’s all about finding the truths about your business, then simplifying it down, over and over again, until we find the five words or phrases that differentiate you. By this process, we get to the heart of how you are unlike any other business. This should not sound scary. In fact, it can be the most energizing thing you do for your company. We can make the ride between floors less stressful.