Let’s get together for three hours

When we tell people we want to have a three hour branding meeting, many may think we are crazy. “What is so important that we have to meet for that long?” It’s important because it’s all about figuring out “who you are” as a brand. I have had clients say afterwards, “We talk about our brand every day, but we did more in three hours than we have done in years.”

I compare it to parents talking about their kids. We have a passion for our kids. They are our babies. We can talk for hours about their achievements and the “dumb things” they do. This meeting is talking about your “baby,” your company.

Together we discover your brand differences. How you are perceived and what the market wants. Simple enough. But also harder than you may think. It’s not the elevator speech, not your mission statement or your website’s “about us.” This is an honest conversation about everything, warts and all. No business is perfect. Handling hurdles reflects your company’s character.

During our chat, we keep simplifying down to the easiest way to differentiate your brand. After this meeting, we will show you lots and lots of ideas on how to bring your unique brand to life.

Those three hours are the most open and meaningful client meeting I have ever had in over twenty years in marketing. It feels like we should be singing “Kumbaya” when we’re done. So contact us and together we can distinguish your brand. And hey, it only takes three hours.