Is Now Live! is the site of Lakeshore Lutheran Schools and is a partnership of Wisconsin Evangelical Lutheran Schools on the Lakeshore and surrounding area with locations in Manitowoc, Kewaunee, Sheboygan, Calumet, Brown, and Door Counties. Their partnerships includes childcare ministries, preschools, 16 elementary schools, and Manitowoc Lutheran High School.

The site contains links to their member schools and their respective websites, information on choosing a school to attend, and school-related news stories. Going to their Our Locations page brings up a Google Maps application which can help visitors find the closest school in their area along with viewing satellite images of them from the air.

“For a google map that pinpoints multiple locations – all we need is the address for each point and any other descriptive information you want the little bubble to show. The little monkeys in the backend will worry about finding the geo coordinates and getting it to work!”

– Gina | Senior Developer at

In addition, parents and students can sign up for an RSS feed to keep them updated on school events and news direct to their computers or mobile devices. The design, along with the photographs, make a great combination that will help attract new parents and children to one of the many schools.