Applicant Tracker

Track all your applicants in one place

No more digging through your inbox or sifting through stacks of applications or resumes. Our applicant tracker is a lightweight, effective solution for bringing your job recruitment and application processes into the digital, mobile era.


What’s all included with your FREE account:

1. Resume-based application form, customized to include your logo
You’ll also receive a unique URL to promote your application on your website, social media, email communications and more.

2. Streamlined communications to your team and your applicants
Upon form use/application submission, the primary account holder will receive an alert email AND the applicant receives a confirmation email thanking them for their submission.

3. Easy-to-use, convenient dashboard/portal
» ORGANIZE all your applicants to make life easier and hiring smoother/quicker: View, sort and (the hard part) qualify all your candidates from anywhere, on any device.
» TRACK where each applicant is in the process with the various status/labels for each candidate. Examples) Application submitted, Interview Pending, Hired, Not Hired, etc.


Give candiates a “virtual” thumbs up or thumbs down.

» REVIEW feedback from your team on each candidate: Unlimited individual accounts per company provides an extraordinary collaboration tool and allows your team to discuss candidates and approve a hire.

» Fits seamlessly into your mobile (and social) recruitment efforts
Looks and works great for everyone – no matter if you’re on your desktop computer, tablet or smartphone.

COMING SOON! Applicant Tracker PRO – only $9.99/month

For the low cost of $9.99/month, your account will include all of the above, as well as:

» Multiple positions
Chances are you’ll have more than 1 active/open position at a time. This feature allows you to easily promote, organize and sort by as many positions as necessary

» Application form builder
Easily build and integrate job applicant forms into your existing site with your logo, imagery, etc.

At the end of the day, simple is better. Applicant tracking tools can be overwhelming and provide quite the learning curve for small businesses without fancy pants HR and/or IT departments.

Simplify the candidate workload and enhance your hiring experience and simplify your internal communications – qualifying & hiring better candidates faster.

Create your FREE applicant tracker account

Markey Digital Signage

Grab attention and profit from it

Markey is an easy-to-use, web-manageable digital signage system that allows you to get rid of the excessive promotional posters and flyers that just add clutter. Markey is an easy, plug ‘n play, dynamic HDTV message center that everyone will notice.


We saw how digital signage had the ability to start conversations, how it entertained, and how it connected people with a business on a more personal level. And we also saw how it could increase sales. So, we developed a complete digital signage package. We made it less expensive and easier to use. Meet Markey ›

The Challenge:

Digital Signage technology and systems are often expensive, cumbersome to design and update, and quite intimidating to set up. We knew there had to be a better way.

The Solution:

A simple, wallet-friendly, contract-free, cloud-based application with pre-designed templates, content widgets, and update-from-anywhere convenience.
Markey digital signage is the perfect dynamic medium for:

  • Advertising + promotions – great for retail, storefronts and more
  • General info-tainment – ideal for waiting rooms & corporate lobbies
  • Way-finding – because Google maps isn’t there yet.
  • Employee communication – talk to them in meeting & break rooms, cafeterias and more

The Results:

We’ll let Markey talk for itself. Visit the Markey website for customer success stories, template previews and more!

Check out

Jobs Database & Search Tool

wisnet's Jobs Database & Search Tool is a proven technology solution – connecting your community workforce to local business needs.


The Challenge:

With a forecasted labor shortage pandemic in the next 10 years, local communities / organizations need to take action to stay ahead of the curve. The numbers are drastically changing when it comes to workforce demographics and business needs. Technology and collaboration can help bridge that gap.

The Solution:

» All jobs in one place
Reduce the noise and confusion. Give people one place to go to find jobs in your community.

» Automated email alerts
Don’t expect job seekers to flock to you. Push jobs directly to their inbox to ensure you continue to engage and attract them.

» Valuable Reporting
Demonstrate value to your local businesses with advanced reporting that captures click-throughs to their websites / job postings.

The Results:

Priceless business and community value! The communities that have implemented this solution are experiencing unprecedented community collaboration, business support and excitement over progress and action. Check out to see full implementation.

Perfect for:

  • Area Associations/Chambers of Commerce
  • Economic Development Corporations 
  • Workforce Development Boards

The Pricing:

Starting at $6,000 setup cost + $200/month
+ Crawler Costs:
$500/company + $250/month for each group of 25 companies

Crawler implementation allows us to automatically pull listings from the websites of businesses in your community. Benefits include: saving the time of manually entering jobs, ensuring you have up-to-date job postings, and having an all-inclusive solution.

Contact us to learn more about the Jobs Database & Search Tool


Open Your Circle

OpenCircle is our venture into the Voice/AI platform. OpenCircle integrates into Google Assistant, Amazon's Alexa & Facebook's Messenger platforms to bring personalized responses to questions asked about local businesses & communities.


What is it?

OpenCircle is a business/community culture “book” that is ever-expanding and will continue to grow as more businesses & communities open their inner circles for a more personalized look into their organization.

How do you use it?

Google Assistant

  1. Ask your Google Home or Google Assistant on your phone to “talk to open circle”
  2. Start asking questions!

Amazon Alexa

  1. Ask Alexa to “talk to open circle”
  2. Start asking questions!

Facebook Messenger:

  1. Open Facebook Messenger on either desktop or your mobile phone
  2. Search for OpenCircle (look for our logo to know that you have the right one!)
  3. Click “Get Started”
  4. Start asking questions!

If you would like to know more about a company that is not on OpenCircle, you can ask them to join by sending them to this page!