Just Launched! Back-in-Action

October 31, 2011

Back-in-Action Rehabilitation Center is an independent private practice clinic dedicated to setting the highest standards for out-patient therapy. Their philosophy incorporates a strong emphasis on the client’s education and understanding. With four clinic locations, Back-in-Action is your partner in recovery and rehabilitation.
‘Back-in-Action is all about their experienced and talented staff. And right from the home page you’re introduced to one of their friendly staff members. The smiling face gives the page a warm, welcoming feeling and lets you know they care about their patients. The site has also incorporated more health news, videos and photos – a great resource of information.’ Julie Wild, Website Designer

A great deal of emphasis is being placed on including photos of staff and real customers. Real photos allow you to develop a relationship with Back-in-Action and your therapist even before you step in their doors for the first time. Secondly, including biographies of the staff – you have the opportunity to get to know the people there, not just professionally but personally. Lastly, blogging gives you power within your industry. In the What’s New section of Back in Action’s website they provide helpful tips or information that prove to their customers and competitors that they are the industry leader. If you ever have a question that relates to rehabilitation or therapy – Back-in-Action is the company to turn to!
Check out Back-in-Action here!