It’s time to move to a mobile-friendly site

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80% of consumers shop on smartphones.

There are many strong reasons to build a website that will work on all smart devices from phones and tablets, to laptops, without having to make multiple versions of your site. The primary reason is cost. A mobile-friendly design allows us to update your website content one time instead of multiple times, which saves you money.

Some points that should sway you toward mobile-friendly design:

  • 60% of internet access is done on mobile devices.
  • Mobile web surfing has increased to the point of surpassing desktop browsing.
  • Responsive design gives you control on how the site will look on any device.

Now that we both agree it’s imperative to have a mobile-friendly site, check out what the almighty Google thinks about your site. If you’re due for a mobile-friendly upgrade, hit up your friends here at wisnet and we’ll get to work!

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