Is your mobile menu harder to access than you think?

We’ve all been on websites where the menu is on top. Heck, the site you’re on right now has the menu at the top (at least at the time of writing this article)! But there’s a good chance we might start seeing menus leave the comforts of the top and bear more weight on their shoulders.

Our team recently read and discussed an article from UX Movement suggesting mobile menus be moved to the bottom of the screen. The article provided research stating that most users hold their phone with one hand and really only use their thumb to interact with the screen. Knowing that, along with the common practice to have the mobile menu at the top of the screen, is it the most functional and efficient placement?

UX Movement builds a strong case for bringing the navigation down to the bottom on mobile.
  • Phones give thumbs a limited range of motion
  • Depending which hand is dominant, you can reach one side of the screen better than the other
  • As screen sizes get larger, the top areas of the screen become harder to reach
  • Larger screens also have lower reach-ability in the corner opposite the users thumb
  • The hardest to reach places for the thumb are at the top of the screen
  • The easiest to reach area for the thumb is the bottom of the screen
  • Placing the navigation menu at the bottom of the screen allows users to select options much faster
  • Placing the menu icon (what we affectionately call the “hamburger” menu) in the center instead of the left or right side, will make it more universal for left and right-handed users

By moving the mobile navigation to the bottom of the screen, UX Movement believes there’s a good chance you will increase user engagement and the user experience. Which, let’s face it, is the ultimate reason to make any change on your site.

After reading the article, our team of geeks & creatives agreed it’s something to consider when designing for mobile and we’re excited to try it out and see for ourselves! If you’re looking for a new website, an upgrade to your current site or just want to chat about last night’s Game of Thrones premiere, hit us up and we’ll find a time to talk!