Introduction to Google Analytics

December 21, 2009

Google Analytics provides detailed information about your websites visitors, such as how they found your site, what pages are most popular, and much more. With too many features to mention in one article we will provide a brief introduction, screenshots, and then directions to log into your analytics account.

Google Analytics Dashboard

When logging into Google Analytics one of the first screens that you see is the Dashboard. The Dashboard provides a brief overview including visits, pages per visit, average time on the site, search engine traffic and most popular pages.

Screenshot of Google Analytics DashboardScreenshot of Google Analytics Dashboard

Visitors Overview

Perusing to the left side of the dashboard you’ll see additional options including information about Visitors. This consists of details about trending, loyalty, browsers used, monitor screen resolution and more. One feature that stands out is the Map Overlay. Within here is a layout of the world, your country and then state. When mousing over a state it displays the amount of visits in the last 30 days.

Map Overlay indicates 11,045 visitors came from Wisconsin in the last 30 daysMap Overlay indicates 11,045 visitors came from Wisconsin in the last 30 days.

Traffic Sources

Navigating your mouse back to the left navigation you will see another category called Traffic Sources. Traffic Sources include four popular analytic reports: 1. Direct Traffic are visitors that typed your web address in the browser or selected your site from their favorites. 2. Referring Sites are visitors that clicked on a link from another website to get to yours. 3. Search Engines or visitors that found your company website using a search engine. 4. Keywords are words typed into a search engine. Then from there they clicked on your listing to visit your site.

Graph indicating that a majority of their traffic is from Direct Traffic.Graph indicating that a majority of their traffic is from Direct Traffic.


On the lower part of the left navigation is the Content category. Here you can view your most popular pages. In addition, Google Analytics lists which pages brought in the most page views and from which pages most visitors left.

Screenshot of Google Analytics Content OverviewScreenshot of Google Analytics Content Overview

Procedures for Setting up Google Analytics

Once Google Analytics is configured and installed your company will be provided with a wide array of helpful analytics. With detailed information decisions can be made to make positive improvements with your online and offline marketing campaign. Continue to the article Setting up Google Analytics for more information.