Introducing’s Twitter Page!

December 4, 2009 has a Twitter page and now we decided to spruce it up a little! Hopefully it will make a lasting impression that will enhance our brand; or at least make you wonder how Twitter snared us. Check out the before and after shots of the custom Twitter page.

Why Twitter?

We hope that’s followers are interested in learning more about marketing, branding, and enhancing their website. Quickly we can notify our followers of new content on our blog or maybe a website that has some helpful information. It’s a great tool to get the word out quickly.

wisnetCreative Before

Below is a screenshot of our Twitter page before the re-design. Included is the standard background image of clouds, blue links, gray text and a light blue sidebar on the right. In addition we uploaded a small logo on the top left.

wisnetCreative using the standard template provided by Twitter.wisnetCreative using the standard template provided by Twitter.

wisnetCreative After

Our custom Twitter page has been spruced up with a background image that reflects our brand and company website. In addition we changed the color of the links to purple, and sidebar to a light gray. Complementing the new color combinations is a purple circle and arrow which has been extracted from the logo. Check it out below or go to Twitter to view it!

The new re-branded Twitter page from!The new re-branded Twitter page from!


Spruce up your Twitter page with a custom background and a few color changes. It’s great for brand recognition and setting yourself apart from the other 100 million Twitter pages. would be happy to create a custom Twitter page for you.

Note: We want to follow you!

Now that we are hip with our new branded Twitter page we want to follow you. If you are a client or vendor send us your profile so we can follow. Additionally, if you have a custom Twitter page that you are proud of let us know. We would like to give it some extra exposure here at Noteworthy. wants to follow you! wants to follow you!