Introducing BLASTSearch to Our Product Line

November 8, 2010

With new advancements in search engine technology we want to introduce a new search engine product called BLASTsearch. Built into your website, visitors will have a better experience searching for items such as articles, Word documents, PDFs, spreadsheets, contact information, and more. Tied together with Google Analytics, it will help reduce support calls and save money. Stick around as we ‘BLAST’ you with the details!

Improved search with more accurate results…

What’s more frustrating than digging through results that are not helpful? Not much. Years ago, search was usually added to sites as an alternative to site navigation. But as the site grows with information from blogs, document libraries, and so on, it’s realized that navigation has its limits. That’s why search needs to take front and center stage and our advanced search engine, BLASTsearch, is the answer.

Screenshot of BLASTsearch appearing on a municipality website.Screenshot of BLASTsearch appearing on a municipality website.

Information overload…

Besides catching spelling mistakes and directing searchers to the appropriate results, users can search through terabytes of data instantly using BLASTsearch. Plus, it knows where words are located within each page, document, spreadsheet, and so forth. As a bonus, BLASTsearch prevents information overload by preventing duplicate content from appearing in results, reducing search clutter.

Reduce support costs…

Reduce costs by decreasing unnecessary calls to the support department. When BLASTsearch is installed we will tie it into Google Analytics. With Google Analytics you will be able to see the keywords people are searching for. As an example, if visitors are searching for ‘building permit application’ and it doesn’t pull any results, most likely they will need to call the city’s building inspector. Then, staff will have to spend time finding the information and email, fax, or mail them to the client. Knowing what visitors are searching for will provide input on what documents and articles need to be added to the website.

Note: Staff can freely use BLASTsearch to search for documents. This will reduce time trying to find documents on the local network that are already on the website. Then, staff can easily copy the link and email the appropriate party. No messy attachments necessary!

Gearing up your website for BLASTsearch…

While we are installing BLASTsearch, we will make certain search engine optimization changes. These advancements help BLASTsearch get a better understanding of the content while ranking each page, PDF, and Word document appropriately. While optimizing the site for BLASTsearch, we will be making improvements that work with Bing and Google’s algorithm. This means better rankings with the possibility of increased traffic to your website.

A few basics and pricing information…

BLASTsearch runs every night between 2am to 5am to find new content on your website. It bypasses documents that have nothing new to say and focuses on fresh content. When searching, it’s extremely fast! Plus, we can search public and private portals while separating the data to keep it secure. The best news is there are no monthly or annual fees. We install it once and it’s included along with your hosting services at no additional charge. (A one-time fee is incurred to install it. )


Giving visitors an easier time finding documents while reducing support costs is what makes BLASTsearch a perfect companion to a website. BLASTsearch is perfect for small and large companies, non-profits, local municipalities, state, and federal government websites. Contact our team today to get started!