If your business looked in the mirror, what would it see?

As a company, who are you? Sounds easy, but you could probably write a novel describing everything you are. The hard part is telling someone about your company in a short, easy, and memorable way. That is what marketing should do for you.

To see how not to do it, all you have to do is look at the “about us” page on many websites. The text is usually pretty ordinary. And when you compare the marketing of similar businesses, they say about the same thing, and even show the same stuff. This is not doing a great job of brand differentiation.

Understanding that this can be hard, wisnet has developed a way to help you define your business. How it is different. What it does well. Why customers like what you do. And even, what you have to improve. We spend the necessary time with you and ask the right questions. And even more importantly, we listen. Then we narrow down everything we’ve talked about to five words or phrases. They are the words that guide everything we do for your business. It impacts your website,and it sets the tone of the copy, the personality of the imagery, and the colors of your advertising, direct mail, and brochures. It even influences how your front desk answers the phone.

Don’t think of this as a “process” to be avoided, because we strive to make it fun and invigorating for everyone involved. Your business becomes personal and memorable. Sounds like a good place for your brand to be.