How important is the Meta Description?

November 18, 2009

In a way the Meta Description is like having an ad for your page. When listed within search results the description provides a clear and compelling depiction of what searchers will see on your webpage. Be interesting, unique and truthful and people will take interest.

Note: If you are new to Meta information we recommend reading ‘How important is the Meta Title?’

Describe your page to searchers…

When crawling a site Google collects information from each page. Each page holds a certain value and is ranked accordingly. When searching, take notice of the paragraph below the title of each result. This is the Meta Description and it’s a short paragraph meant to entice you to click the link and read more.

When searching ‘Money Smart Neighborhood’ within Google take notice of the Meta Description.

Matt Cutts discusses Google…

Matt Cutts is part of the Search Quality group at Google and has been employed with them since 2000. In the video below he discusses how important the Meta Description is becoming.


Use the Meta Description to entice, introduce or captivate the searchers into visiting your webpages.