Video is becoming more popular each year. It’s a great avenue to feature your services and products with visual elements, motion and voice. If you only had 30 seconds to describe your company video would be the tool to use. If you got video, get exposure with your own YouTube Channel.

What is the YouTube Channel?

Think of it as a webpage where all your videos are displayed. Your videos are easily accessible and will start playing instantly. Further down the webpage you will see information about your company and a link to your website. Visitors can leave comments and rate your videos.

Visit to view The Adashun Jones YouTube Channel

YouTube for Mobile

YouTube has been constructed to work both on your computer and mobile devices such as an iPhone, Blackberry and Droid. Visitors will have easy access to view your Channel from home or on the go.

Customization of your YouTube Channel…

The YouTube Channel allows some basic customizations. The colors can be changed and an image can be added into the background. One flaw is that some visitors might not see the background image without a wider monitor. We assume YouTube is aware of this and the move to larger monitors has been on the rise. More advanced features are available once your site has reached a certain level of traffic.

Plan for success…

We would think that we would get exposure by uploading videos to YouTube but that’s just the start. Your videos will need to be marketed and because of that you will need a plan. Additions can be made to your site to promote the videos. In addition, Facebook, Twitter and other social networking sites can be used to notify fans of your videos. We recommend contacting us to help plan your YouTube Channel.

IceFlow Studios

Iceflow Studios has a custom look with navigation built into the header.



With advanced features available ESPN has removed the commercial and re-arranged the layout.

ESPN YouTube

Pizza Hut

Of all the major pizza franchises Pizza Hut has one of the nicest layouts. The background image is promoting a savings for your first online order and their new app for the iPhone.

Pizza Hut YouTube

Walt Disney France

Walt Disney France has added a simple but elegant layout including a link to their official website.

Walt Disney France YouTube


Combined with an effective marketing plan having a YouTube Channel is a great tool to promote your company, products and services.