Google Analytics – Get to Know Your Website

How many per month? What about repeat traffic- how many are return visitors? These are questions to which every website owner should know the answers.

Google Analytics is a powerful reporting platform that tracks website visitor activity and displays data in a variety of features. In simple terms, it tracks where visitors are going on your site.

Setting up Google Analytics easy, but here are a few reasons you should be signing up.

There are no hidden charges, and the training is free with Google’s expansive documentation and support.

Track how many people visit your site each day, the source of where they found your site, how long they stayed on each page, and even what search terms brought them there.

When you have a spike in sales, see the possible influences. When you advertise certain products, track whether it’s responsible for increased sales.

Track which blog posts have the most impact. If you find articles pertaining to a certain topic are bringing in the most traffic, you know what area you can focus for future blogs.

Using Google Analytics will help you become more informed about the traffic that comes to your site. Start improving the success of your site today!