Friday Roundup – June 9, 2017

Another week comes to an end and we get to share our bite-sized nuggets of what we’ve learned this week for all to benefit from. Some are pretty geeky, some are creative and some are just plain goof-tastic. But they’re all distinctly us 🙂

Enjoy our combo of silly, intriguing, random, geeky, creative, and mostly beneficial learnings from the week of June 9, 2017:

  • Biking is hard and going up hills is tricky.
  • You can clean so many things besides just dishes in your dishwasher. We’re talking tools, hubcaps, dog toys and more!
  • When putting together parameter / variable names and code, you can’t interchange between ids and strings. #geekSpeak
  • Experimenting with gardening by the moon – “they” say it does impact the growth environment like moisture in the soil/surface, etc. Just like the moon phases impact the tides! Today is a full moon – last day for planting above around veggies/plants. Tomorrow the waning moon starts with is great for root veggies! Yay for beets & kohlrabi! #gardenGeek
  • Typists’ fingers travel an average of 12.6 miles per day. That means it would take a typist 39.7 days to walk 500 miles.
  • Solar eclipses are pretty rad, but it can be a bad idea to just stare at one. So learn how to watch one!
  • To easily and quickly edit your WordPress site, once you’re logged in, take advantage of the tool bar when digging around each page. Those quick access tools can save you quite a bit of time! Not seeing the tool bar? Easy-peaszy: Go to “Profile” in your dashboard, check the box for, “Show Toolbar when viewing site” and click “Update Profile.” Done!
  • The new Oshkosh D-League basketball team name is the Wisconsin Herd!
  • In Churchill, Manatoba many locals will keep their car doors open in case someone needs to protect themselves from polar bears!
  • Wellness is important, both mental and physical. Here’s some tips for trying to maintain emotional wellness:

1) Avoid asking ‘what if?’  (except if you are a programmer)

  • There are a million different directions not all good
  • Throws fuel on the fire of stress adds to anxiety

2) Take time each day to appreciate what you have

3) Disconnect

  • Schedule blocks of time each day to cut the cord / and step away from the phone.