Friday Roundup – June 23, 2017

Tags: TGIF

By Goban1 – Own work, Public Domain,

Happy Friday clients, fellow geeks, creatives & friends! Enjoy our latest batch of silly, intriguing, random, geeky, creative, and mostly beneficial learnings from June 23, 2017:

  • The Chicago Bulls traded three-time All-Star, Jimmy Butler to the Minnesota Timberwolves. Craziness during the NBA Draft!
  • NASA did an awesome thing and used a numerical simulation of TRAPPIST-1 to play a piano note every time a planet passes in front of the star (a ‘transit’) and a drum every time a faster inner planet overtakes its outer neighbor (a ‘conjunction’). Annnnnnnnnnndddd it sounds prettttttttttty good.
  • Atari is getting back into the home video game console market with what they’re calling the Atari Box. No one quite knows what it’ll be, but either way, we’re up for some competitive games of Combat!
  • Google’s AI played Go, that super hard strategy game, and won. Like… a lot.
  • There’s rumors that President Kennedy was concerned about the speed and efficiency during Cuban missile crisis and had all nuclear launch codes changed to 00000000.
  • Just read Eats, Shoots & Leaves, and boy is a hyphen important!
  • The best way to pull off a bandage – From the story & research of Dan Ariely on human behavior and being predictably irrational, it’s best to pull slowly and extend the pain out over a period of time vs. create extensive pain in a short time-frame.
  • Feeling hatred and unwilling to forgive? Forgiveness is for you, not the person who hurt you or someone close to you. Let go of negative thoughts/emotions and you’ll be able to move forward lighter.
  • Kidney stones and removal = not fun. There are 3 ways to remove kidney stones, and typically, you only need to experience one and be done. Steve experienced all 3! But your best bet is to stay ahead of the game and stay hydrated – drink water regularly throughout the day!
  • If you plant the chopped off rooted end of your green onion, it’ll grow!
  • 40% of search on mobile is for tips on parenting, health concerns or beauty advice! But we can save you a search: You’re a great parent, get out there and bike some more and you look beautiful today!