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The Challenge

The Geeks & Creatives of wisnet had been working on a fitness app for awhile, but never figured out exactly what we wanted it to be – and so it sat unfinished. This year we decided that FABOH’s Get Up & Go Employer Challenge was the perfect excuse to jump back in and get things rolling.

The goal of our fitness tracking and competition app was to make tracking your activity easy and to help keep employees engaged and motivated through challenges.

Features we wanted to include:

  • Built in timer for tracking your active minutes
  • Sync functionality with Strava & Fitbit accounts
  • Ability to manually enter your activity time from anywhere – desktop, tablet and/or smartphone
  • Team tracking to see how the entire organization is doing
Our Approach

We ran the EverydayFit app project as a sprint. We had a tight deadline and needed to get things done as quickly as possible. With daily meetings we walked through tasks for the day, progress and talked through any issues and concerns we had.

Final Result

We had a month to get the app designed and developed in time for the challenge (and we used every minute of it). Things were definitely not perfect and we were ok with that. We had the main features that were needed for the challenge and we continued to work through bugs and make enhancements throughout the 8 week challenge. We received some great feedback from those who helped to pilot the app and have others interested in using the app for other company challenges.

Phase 2

Now that the Get Up & Go Challenge is complete, we have some features and enhancements we’re working on to make our app even better. Stay tuned for an update! And in the mean time, if you’re looking for help with an app project, contact the geeks & creatives of wisnet.