Do You Need a Phone App?

Mobile apps are here to stay, iPhone, Android, and the soon to be Windows Phone. Each has its own market place filled with all varieties of game apps, utility apps, productivity apps and other time savers/wasters. If you’re a business owner I’m sure you’ve asked yourself if you need a mobile app to promote your business. Well with the emergence of HTML5 the answer to this question may very well be no.

Building a platform specific application requires hiring a team of specialized programmers that can work in that environment. The problem is that specialized often equals expensive. The beautiful thing about an HTML5 app is that HTML is a very common language that has been around for years and known by many. Common often equals less expensive.

With HTML5 taking steps to be able to take advantage of local storage, better integration with mobile hardware, and the ability to store and access data locally, HTML5 may very well be a cost effective way to reach your businesses mobile goals.

  • Smaller budget
  • Will work on all mobile browsers, not just the iPhone for example
  • App marketplaces can’t take a cut of your profits (Apple takes 30%)
  • Easier for the customer use your app. No downloading or entering passwords
  • Faster release to customers, no need for the marketplace’s approval
  • Application updates are initiated by the developers not the user
  • Access to more of the devices components (accelerometer , camera)
  • Integration with other native apps
  • Marketing via the app’s marketplace
  • More device consistent UI elements has been working with HTML and web technologies since 1996. Contact a representative to learn more.