It’s Customer Service Week –every week.

Sounds cheesy.

Maybe it is.

But, it’s what we strive for. Every week. Every day. After all, customer care has been at the core of who wisnet is since day 1. For anyone that’s counting, that’s over 24-1/2 years. That’s a lot of customers over the years and a whole lotta care.

Why is customer care so important to us?

Frankly, it’s because of the people. Of course, plenty of articles share the business benefits. But, our passion for taking care of people goes much further than that.

Sure – at face value, you could say we work on logo design, digital marketing, websites, applications, etc. But, our Geeks & Creatives see it a bit differently.

We see it as helping our customers ‘go fearlessly into the ‘net‘ and with that goal/pursuit comes a whole bunch of needs around connecting with the people and the emotions behind making that logo, marketing, or web project happen SUCCESSFULLY for all involved. Our hope is to work with you – current & future clients – to turn any fear, confusion, stress or uncertainty into confidence and excitement.

As we pondered the best way to share our sentiments it made a lot of sense to take it back to the words of our team:

Customer care to me is treating people the way I would want to be treated. Answer the phone with a smile and give them your full attention. Without them, there would be no us.

I always try to remember that the little things I do to help them out might turn their entire day around. Attitude is everything.

— Tracy Freund, Account Manager
Tracy Freund

“Responsiveness. Communication. Laughter.”

— Steve Maass, Proud Geek / Developer

“To me it means giving our customers the opportunity of being heard and understood, showing them we care about their success and growth. It means that we’re also given trust for us to work upon reaching that goal and by doing so we grow as well.”

— David Rosillo, Geek / Developer

“It all comes down to the golden rule. I strive to be there for customers the same way I’d want to be treated. With honesty, transparency, respect, and fun!”

— Joe Truesdale, Account Manager
Joe Truesdale

“Listen to what the client is asking for, but also offer suggestions based on my knowledge. I aim to go the extra mile before the client asks. And, even if I don’t know the answer, I can at least point them in the right direction.”

— Ashley Puetz, Creative / Designer

“Because I genuinely like our partners and want to see their sites succeed.”

— Michael Dahlke, Developer

” ‘Good enough’ isn’t good enough.”

— Nick Berens, Developer

“Customer Service is treating our customer just like you would one of your family and friends – with kindness and respect. To help solve the questions/issues (or support with a recommendation so they get to the right place if its something we can’t do).  Lastly, remember to smile :)”

— Jodi Van Nocker, Customer Support
Jodi Van Nocker

“Working with a client as if we were one of ‘their’ team members – with the same concern for the company and their goals.”

— Julie Wild, Creative / Designer

“To me, exceptional customer/client service is all about learning and growing as people and businesses.

It can be as big as helping a client connect to their aspirations – or as little as a quick email or phone call to say, ‘hey, what are you stuck on and how can we help’ – even when it’s just a conversation and not something that commits them to a billable project.”

— Jenny Knuth, Creative / Designer

Customer service is about going the extra mile.  It’s one thing to listen to a customer and meet expectations, but I’m always asking myself, “What’s next? What are the needs we haven’t thought of yet?”

— Brian Kolstad, Geek / Developer

If you ever feel like you’ve not had our VERY BEST customer-or- client experience, please let us know. We only get better with feedback. Good, bad or indifferent, don’t hesitate to drop a note our way to let us know how we’re doing.

And, if you’ve LOVED working with us, head on over here and give us a shout out with a Google review.