Connecting Culture: wisnet featured in Insight magazine

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What follows is a write-up about a video that was shot during interviews for the “Connecting Culture” cover story in the October issue of Insight on Business.

Watch this interview with our founder, Rick Kolstad, for a behind-the-scenes look at our wisnet culture and perks of being a Geek&Creative.
“We encourage people to think differently.”

Today, wisnet provides website application development, branding services, and website hosting for our customers. Over the past 23+ years, some of those services and offerings have evolved over time as technology and processes evolve. Because of that, our primary focus on customers and team members since day one has been vital. “Our company culture and our drive has stayed pretty consistent. We’ve always been customer-focused and employee-focused,” says Kolstad.

Developing the whole person is another facet of what Rick wants for each team member. In addition to general training and constant skill set growth, Rick talks about the community involvement that he has helped to foster across the entire company. “We encourage our team to find organizations they have a lot of interest in and get involved.” Including the work done with, “some of the universities and area high schools to help encourage and inspire the next generation of programmers and branders to work in this environment.”

As for what’s next at wisnet, Rick shares the excitement the team has for our bright future. “We’re focusing on a lot of our own products as we go forward,” says Kolstad. “We’ve got a digital sign product that we’re working on. And we also have a corporate fitness program and applications that we’re working on to help spread the culture we’ve developed here to other companies.”

All in all, as with any great culture, Rick explains that it’s all about the team. “A lot of our ideas come from our team. We always look forward to new ideas and we encourage people to think differently,” says Kolstad. “So we can take those ideas and apply them, try them out, and if they work, great! If not, then we try something different.”

After you’re done checking out the video, be sure to read the entire Connecting Culture cover story from the October Insight on Business magazine.