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Decluttering Your House – 3 Easy Questions to Ask

Clutter. We all have it, whether it’s possessions tossed aside out of complacency or neglect, or items left out with well-meaning intentions of getting to them later. It can exist on our workday desks, in our cars, in our heads and, of course, in our homes. Many agree it is best to declutter where we […]

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3 Super Cool Time Saving G-Suite Inbox Tips

Inbox management is a constant struggle. All too often, emails come in from all fronts throughout the entire day. Whether it’s clients, team members, family or that pesky sales person who just wants to “connect” and get lunch every other day. How can you stay focused on the messages that matter most when your Inbox […]

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How to Teach Google Assistant to Talk to your TiVo

Why do you need to control your TiVo through Google Assistant? To that we say, “Why would you NOT?” But in all seriousness, picture this. You’re sitting on the couch. Belly full of dinner, cat on your lap or child sleeping on your shoulder and you need to switch from the Saved by the Bell […]

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