Case Study: ClientWhys

Many people wonder what goes on behind the scenes at when we aren’t launching new websites or working with our amazing wisnetCreative clients. What exactly are those wisnetLogic folks working on? wisnetLogic has been our best kept secret–until today. To best show you what our wisnetLogic team is capable of, I would like to introduce you to one of our most recent product launches: ClientWhys. and ClientWhys have worked together since 2008 to continually grow and advance the product offerings of ClientWhys. With ClientWhys spear-heading the direction of the product line, we take their ideas and make them a reality.

Being a tax accountant is stressful enough with trying to keep track of the recent tax law changes while managing your clients. Who has time to spend writing blog articles and updating their Facebook account? Tax accountants simply don’t have the time or tools available to easily manage all their clients, amplify their marketing efforts, and automate communications.

ClientWhys is a platform built specifically for tax accountants. It takes the pain out of marketing and managing clients. No product out there is so advanced and affordable, to meet the needs of tax accountants around the nation. Trust us–we have looked!

The core components of this system focus on: Client Management, Client Communcation, and a Site Editor. These components incorporate features such as:

  • themed websites to match anyone’s brand
  • a secure portal for messaging and managing clients
  • document storage
  • automated email newsletters
  • birthday, anniversary, and thank you messages
  • online appointment scheduler
  • and so much more

This is a tool that no busy tax accountant can afford to ignore!

If you are a tax accountant who is looking for a website or who needs to find a way to better manager your clients, stop by ClientWhys to get started. If you are interested in finding out what it takes to create a product like this, contact today.