Canva: The Online Design Tool for the Non-Designer

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You have an idea for a simple project that needs to get done on a low budget. Purchasing the Adobe Suite is out of the question and the learning curve for the cheaper options is a steep one. Frustrating. Why isn’t designing the easy stuff, well . . . easy?

Canva is here to help you create professional looking projects using online tools, and best of all, it’s free. Simply set up your free account and start creating top notch designs for:

  • Presentations and Posters
  • Business cards and Post cards
  • Email headers and Banner ads
  • Letterhead and Certificates
  • Brochures, Flyers, Menus
  • Social Media projects

Not a designer? Canva offers many template designs to get you started, or start your own design from scratch and let your artistic side shine. Canva puts design components such as photos, graphic elements, illustrations, background textures and hundreds of borders at your fingertips. A quick and easy drag-and-drop design method makes it easy for beginners and seasoned creators alike. Even easier? Some common keyboard commands such as copy, paste and undo are there like old friends to help you along.

When it comes to the three basic ingredients of any design project, Canva doesn’t skimp.

TEXT—the font selection is broad and text tools to change size, color, alignment and spacing are easy to use. Pre-designed text elements such as banners and labels have attractive fonts already assigned to them. All you need to do is drag an element into your project and edit the text.

PHOTOS—choose from Canva’s gallery of free photos or upload your own. From there, you can resize, crop and even add filters. Give your project a modern hipster look, make it edgy, darken, lighten or texturize your images with the click of a button.

ART ELEMENTS—frames, borders, shapes, lines, you name it, Canva has it. Need an arrow or a banner? An icon or a chart? Add one and edit it to match the look of your project. Like most Canva options, a majority of these elements are free, but premium options can be added for $1 each.

Your Canva designs can be shared for collaboration purposes. They can also be saved as JPG, PNG or PDF, and yes, print PDF can go directly to your printer for high resolution printing. Want to share your project with other Canva users? Make it “public” and share away!

Canva’s free account will take your project design capabilities farther than you ever thought possible. Need to go farther? Say, with a custom width x height project? Explore what a “Canva For Work” account can do for you.

Let wisnet help you match your brand.

Art is pleasing and design is important, but projects that adhere to the look and feel of your brand are crucial. Do you need a little more assistance building designs that mirror the elements of your brand? wisnet can help you by setting up templates for social media, business cards, flyers and any other design projects you may have. These templates can be used for many project levels and complexities from do-it-yourself Canva projects to more intensive digital advertising up to print products and brochures produced for you by professional printers. Let us help you be sure your promotional media is immediately recognized by consumers as something reflecting your business brand. Contact us today for more details.