BLASTauthor: How To

After logging into your wisnetONE Client Login, point to WEBSITE TOOLS in the upper-left of the screen. Click on BLASTauthor in the list that appears under WEBSITE TOOLS.

To start writing your first article, select the Add new article button.

For paragraph 1, you will have a picture of a camera on the right side of the paragraph title bar (grey colored), a Subheading title box, and the body of the paragraph marked add paragraph text. The Subheading title box is optional, but if you would like to title your paragraphs, click here and type in the name. To start writing your article, click the add paragraph text box.

Since we’re learning how to use BLASTauthor, type some random text into the text box. It works similarly to Microsoft Word, and the Paragraph Editor will appear under the text box.

When you are done typing in your paragraph, click the Save icon in the lower-right side. It’s important to save your paragraphs after you type them to ensure they will be kept before moving on to the next paragraph.

To add a new paragraph, select the + Add another paragraph button.

Once you are done writing your article, it’s time to publish it! Since this is a test, you may not want to actually upload this to your site, but here are the steps you would need to follow. Under the Publish box on the right-side of the screen, there will be a Save Article button and a Publish Article button under it. I recommend saving the article first before publishing since that will take into account anything you have added to your article since you last saved. It will then save the article as a draft.

Click the Publish Article button. You will have the choice to either publish it immediately to your website, or on a specific date in the future. If you want to have it publish on December 20th at 12 midnight, you can modify the date to reflect that through the drop-down lists and typing in the relevant information. Normally, you would then select the Publish Article button to initiate the article upload.