Be more colorful & explicit at work

Nope. Sorry. Not talking about cuss words around the office. We’re talking digital signage!

We know digital signage works for B2C… at point of purchase while shopping… figuring out what to eat off that menu board … or helping you find your way at the clinic.

But why & how does Markey digital signage work in our work lives?

1. Communication is EVERYTHING.

Many inboxes are overflowing. IMs and Slack even exploding. And, ugh, please not another meeting. Our very own team and so many others have found Markey digital signage as an amazing tool to not only tell the story of brands, companies or organizations, but more importantly, remind fellow associates of their purpose in their day-to-day work. Why the heck are we all here? Why should we be pumped up about it? Additionally, transparency about the day-to-day big and small matters in your organization SQUASH gossip and build a sense of ownership, inclusion and even pride.

2. It’s SUPER visual.

Visual cues in the workplace … be it the silly signs next to your coffee maker/keurig … or the couch next to your retro arcade game, have the power to influence the energy, attitudes and more in your workspace. They can sustain unspoken ideas, feelings and/or behaviors, good or bad. They can also be subtle ways of saying, “we care and we’ve got your back here” or “thank you for working so hard and sharing your talent here. Now take a break and bring out a fun, new side of yourself while at work.” These subtle attitude builders, behavior reinforcers and reminders of the awesome place you work are extremely important to building & supporting your positive culture. With Markey digital signage, throw subtleties out the window. There’s no time for that. Now you can be much more explicit in your visual stimulation and communication about what you believe and why your team rocks.

3. Made you look.

I mean, come on… who can’t help but look at a TV screen while they sit in the team cafe/ lunchroom or walk through the lobby. The beauty, in this case (maybe not when you’re trying to get your significant other to listen to you at home), is the distraction power. Pair that with some kickass messaging on your company core values or celebrating team members and you’ve got gold! At least that’s what we like to think.

Markey digital signage will be a great addition to your team.

Create a zone that invites creativity and/or relaxation. Cue the sounds of waves on the Google Home and we’re in paradise.

Great for greetings and adding some vibrancy to meeting space.

Design a space for your team to be themselves and get to know each other.

What are you waiting for?

Try Markey digital signage for your workplace culture today!