Positivity and Passion


By: Kenji Callahan, Marian Extern / geek & creative @ wisnet

This upcoming week I have the splendid opportunity to participate in an externship with wisnet. On the first day here I was greeted and welcomed by Joe Truesdale, this being my first professional/shadowing experience I was glad that everyone was so friendly and open about me watching and asking questions, even encouraging me to do so. This is really important because it promotes that smaller companies like this are welcoming and supportive of each other, clients, and people like me who show interest in learning. I received a tour of the building, and to my surprise it was larger than I had imagined, with the idea of comfortability and simplicity throughout. This was supported by every team member being very friendly when I was introduced to them.

So now that I’m truly beginning my week here some of my goals are to one gain a deeper understanding of the strategies each team member takes to complete their tasks efficiently. Whether this be consistent hard work, teamwork, or utilizing tools. I hope to be able to offer those same techniques in the future from what I learn. My next goal is to be able to understand wisnet’s core values that define who they are and the work culture surrounding them. What I have learned so far in this endeavor is that being able to understand your abilities and what the client/customer understands are very important to them. Having that connection to businesses/clients are very important and show how they can grow alongside them.   Currently I feel like those two goals will be achieved here at wisnet because of the support I received today and likely will throughout the week.

The importance of developing these skills and having others give feedback, reside in adapting and understanding different environments. This isn’t particularly limited to a work environment because I hope to utilize them at Marian University and throughout my life. This is because having strong and diverse core values can help create compassion and empathy in situations I may or may not experienced. That understanding and helpfulness will seek aid myself and others around me to be successful and always contribute. One thing in particular is being able to work through problems and roadblocks without giving up. Having the mentality that if there is no path to success work on creating one. It should help develop a stronger sense of perseverance and courtesy within me as I continue on my journey.

The time I have spent here so far has been writing and observing how each team member contributes to each other and recognized each others skills right away signifies that they experts in their field. They’ve set perfect examples of how to be efficient and maintain a healthy environment. This may be the most important thing I take away from my externship from wisnet, but I plan to keep learning. wisnet is full of creative people with a relentless passion for their work, balanced by each others feedback. So far I admire how everyone works and hope to gain as much as possible from the externship.