Applicant Tracker

Try Applicant Tracker for FREE!

What’s all included with your FREE account:
  1. Resume-based application form, customized to include your logo
    You’ll also receive a unique URL to promote your application on your website, social media, email communications and more.
  2. Streamlined communications to your team and your applicants
    Upon form use/application submission, the primary account holder will receive an alert email AND the applicant receives a confirmation email thanking them for their submission.
  3. Easy-to-use, convenient dashboard/portal
  • ORGANIZE all your applicants to make life easier and hiring smoother/quicker: View, sort and qualify all your candidates from anywhere, on any device.
  • TRACK where each applicant is in the process with the various status/labels for each candidate.  (Examples: Application submitted, Interview Pending, Hired, Not Hired, etc.)

    Give candidates a “virtual” thumbs up or thumbs down.

  • REVIEW FEEDBACK from your team on each candidate: Unlimited individual accounts per company provides an extraordinary collaboration tool and allows your team to discuss candidates and approve a hire.
  • FITS SEAMLESSLY into your mobile (and social) recruitment efforts
  • LOOKS AND WORKS GREAT FOR EVERYONE – no matter if you’re on your desktop computer, tablet or smartphone.


Applicant Tracker PRO – only $9.99/month

For the low cost of $9.99/month, your account will include all of the above, as well as:

  • Multiple positions
    Chances are you’ll have more than 1 active/open position at a time. This feature allows you to easily promote, organize and sort by as many positions as necessary
  • Application form builder
    Easily build and integrate job applicant forms into your existing site with your logo, imagery, etc.

At the end of the day, simple is better. Applicant tracking tools can be overwhelming and provide higher learning curves for small businesses without dedicated HR and/or IT departments. Simplify the candidate workload, enhance your hiring experience, and simplify your internal communications – Applicant Tracker – qualifying & hiring better candidates faster.