Announcing the Launch of the Silica Appliance and Electronics’ New Website is pleased to announce the launch of the new Silica Appliance and Electronics’ website: applied industry’s best practices to develop a fresh and contemporary website to position Silica as a leader in electronics, appliances, and custom installation.

Silica Appliance and Electronics is conveniently located in Fond du Lac and Beaver Dam (Wisconsin) and offers competitive pricing (with big-box retailers) on many brand name electronics and appliances. Silica has been around since 1922 and many team members have been working for Silica for more than 10 to 20 years!’s creative and interface guru’s designed the visually-appealing Silica Appliance and Electronics’ website to be user-friendly and have a modern appeal. Since Silica has a good reputation for experience and employee retention, team photos were placed throughout the website. Links to Facebook and Twitter, along with satisfaction forms were added to get input from clientele.

Silica’s new website is filled with photographs of the team.Silica’s new website is filled with photographs of the team.

Silica Appliance and Electronics will certainly benefit from the new site in the form of increased exposure on search engines, new business, and inquires about products and services.

Some of the various features of the new website include:

  • Fresh design and a modern look and feel.
  • Interactive slider on homepage.
  • Easy-to-use and navigation
  • Optimized for placement on search engines.
  • Quick access to modify rebates and weekly advertising specials.
  • Team experts can easily provide answers to submitted questions.
  • Implemented third party XML product feed.
  • Importing images from Google Picasa for photo galleries.
  • Google Analytics Setup and Installation
  • BLASTnewsletters email marketing campaign software.
  • Currently, is providing hosting, email services, email marketing, consulting, and ongoing maintenance for Silica and their team members.

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