Announcing 2020 Web Grant Program

Update on January 11, 2011: This article speaks about a grant program that has reached its conclusion and is no longer accepting applications.

2020 has been … a rollercoaster of emotions:

Anxiety or fear of the unknowns.

Gratitude for the good things we’ve learned to appreciate through it all. Like our families and great friends, coworkers.

Light-hearted moments of laughter over some of the entertaining memes out there these days. (Here’s a personal favorite that depicts the 2020 candle scent.)

Hope and a warmed heart from all the amazing communities and people stepping forward to make a difference.

“What can our team do?”

When we paused again after the wild ride of these last 6 months and asked, “what can our team do?” to add to that hope – which humanity can always use more of – it didn’t take very long for the web-services grant idea to come to fruition.

As a small business and community advocate, we’re grateful & proud to share that The Geeks & Creatives of wisnet are offering up to 40* $2,500 web service packages will be available for small businesses and nonprofits based in Wisconsin who are new wisnet clients. *See the details and application form here.

We hope that donating our team’s time and expertise (valued at $100,000) will support many small businesses and nonprofits as they strive to stay afloat during these unprecedented times AND provide safety and convenience to local consumers.