A New Look With Responsive Results

March 17, 2013

Winfield Homes is greeting spring with a refreshed new look and feel. It’s easier than ever to find a floor plan to start your home building journey. An array of large images fill the photo gallery and a blog containing news, tips and ideas has been added to the site.

The Winfield Homes website not only has a new design, but a responsive design. What is responsive design, you ask? That is when the design starts out wide to accommodate a computer monitor (oftentimes wider than in the past), but then shrinks as the user resizes their browser window. The content will then shift to display in a friendlier format for tablets and smartphones.

With tablet sales expected to exceed 100 million and smartphones to reach 1 billion worldwide in 2013, business owners can no longer ignore the increasing number of customers viewing their websites on a mobile device. Viewing a conventional website on a tablet or smartphone is difficult to read, often hard to navigate, and very frustrating for the user. A responsive design presents the website in the best possible way for each device. As the viewing screen size gets smaller, the website reflows the content so that the text remains at a readable size, graphics fill the screen better and navigation is thumb-friendly. Find more articles from our blog to learn more.

Please contact us if you would like to know more about updating your website to a responsive design.

wisnet.com performs website design in Wisconsin, but also services companies across the nation. Special thanks to Winfield Homes a Fond du lac, Wisconsin based company for trusting us with their website design!